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Stores in Switzerland are starting to sell the new Galmac early variety of apple.

Developed by the federal research station Changins-Waedenswil, developed in part to provide an early apple that could compete with foreign imports. Most apples sold in Swiss shops in summer are imported. The new variety is a cross between Gala and Jerseymac, and it matures before Gravenstein, a popular eating variety.

The new apple is described by its developers as having a bright red skin, good bite, juicy and with a “harmonious and refreshing flavour.” Early apples are not generally considered good for keeping, but tests have shown that the Galmac stays firm for four weeks and after eight weeks it loses only 15 percent of its firmness.

Here are some pics I took the first week in August

Thumbnail image Thumbnail image
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The Royalty per tree is 1$ US

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